Welcome to THE TREASURES OF INDIA LLC. For the past ten years, we have proudly dedicated our best to delivering Indian handicrafts and Cultural Clothing to our dear customers. We are honored to present the collaboration of Eastern Treasures with the modern lifestyle of choice and freedom. We hope you enjoy our products and give us the opportunity to serve you with pleasure. Check for our new location in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

When it comes to Handicrafts and Handlooms, India undoubtedly has a rich and boastful legacy that has withstood the test of time. From stone sculptures and jewel-encrusted fabrics to elegantly sewn embroideries and dexterously crafted metal curios, each one of these handcrafted pieces is deeply rooted in the region they originate from and are windows to its culture and geography. In the Ancient Era, India was called “LAND OF GOLDEN SPARROW” {SONE KI CHIDIYA}.

The Treasures of India

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you come across villages of India, where generations of one family have dedicated themselves to mastering a craft, and have enticed people from across the world for the sheer brilliance of their handiwork. However, there are many artisans who live in India’s numerous little towns and villages and churn out masterpieces with their hands, but fail to find the visibility they deserve. This coupled with the lack of monetary returns, forces them to leave behind their ancestral legacy and head to other cities and towns for better employment prospects.

Our main aim is to boost these artisans across the world, So we purchase their products and sell in our stores. This way we have the opportunity of helping them to solve their financial issues and explore their talent from outside India. Our Products are

  • Indian Clothing,

  • Handicrafts and Handmade items,

  • Copper and Clay Utensils,

  • God and Buddha Marble Statues,

  • Wall Hanging Tapestry,

  • Indian Designer

  • Jewelery,

  • Footwear,

  • Heena, and many more.